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There is a possibility of some malfunctions that occur at times with your printer. Some of the common issues  are explained below, that occur with the printer setup and that one can easily rectify by their own. You can Follow these steps given to resolve the issues.

  1. Paper Jam

    While you work with your device, below given inexorable that you face paper jam. below-given guidelines to resolve this issue. There are some reconciliation process that is to be carried out thought the printer models may look similar.

    1. How to Detect and eliminate any stuck paper from feeder.
    2. Remove the loaded paper from the feeder.
    3. Resume the on-going job to ensure that the paper jam is removed.
    4. Else, continue further.Remove the stuck paper from the machine.
    5. Make sure that you remove the sheets one by one.
    6. Check whether any remaining is left in the machine.
    7. Clear the jam and restart your device.
  2. Wirless Network Issues

    When you find it hard to connect your wireless device to get connected to a local network connection. Or your device is been cropped while you join a local network connection. Make sure that you validate all the following things,

    1. Check your wireless and local area network connections.
    2. Certify wireless adapter.
    3. Examine all your router settings.
    4. Inspect your TCP/IP connections.
    5. Ping to check your network connections.
    6. Checkout whether there is any security mismatch.
    7. Survey on network connectivity issues.
  3. Printer Offline Issues

    Is your printer not working once you upgrade your operating system. Here is the solution for your query. We are ready to provide you support and resolve your issues. You can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

    • Select Device Manager Window
    • Find your printer on the left window
    • Expand the printer’s icon
    • Right click on the icon on the device manager
    • Select uninstall
    • Now follow the instructions to remove your printer
    • Restart your upgraded system
    • Install your printer’s driver disc
    • Restart your PC
    • Now check your printer’s status
    • Finally, update your printer driver for Windows 10 OS
  4. Printer Ink Cartridge Issues

    Do you find it difficult to fix your ink cartridge issues, you can easily resolve the issue in case if it is going to be a common issue. You can resolve the issue by yourself as you interact with your printer device.

    • Turn ON your printer and wait until the cartridge aligns.
    • Open he cartridge installation cover.
    • Remove the cartridge and wipe the contacts using a lint cloth.
    • Wipe the contacts from top to bottom repeat the same for each contact.
    • Place your cartridge back in the printer.
    • Close the access door and restart your printer.
    • The same process is required to fix the color cartridge.
    • Proceed further by closing the printer cartridge access door.
    • Once the cartridge is aligned, start the print jobs.
  5. Fax Setup Issue

    In order to setup your Fax you can follow the setup guide. If in case you find it difficult to setup your Fax setup, then you can make use 123.hp.com/setup 4520 and follow the on-screen instructions and fix up your printer. In case if there is a issue, the following steps cans help you.

    • First to know the type of error displayed, Run Fax test.
    • Check the hardware component.
    • Assure that the correct cord is plugged in the port.
    • Check the dial tone.
    • Test the phone status for connection.
    • Check the active phone connection.

    Once the test connection is passed you can proceed further. If suppose your Fax test has failed you can proceed further. To fix the issue that the device displays, you need to follow the instructions. The important thing is that you need to know the type of error occurred. And proceed further with the help of instructions provided in 123.hp.com/setup 4520.

  • Select the Windows key + Q to open the Cortana.
  • Type your printer name.
  • Click on the printers & scanners option.
  • Turn ON your printer.
  • Go through the manual and follow the instructions.
  • Strike the Add Printer & scanner option.
  • Select your printer from the list.
  • Click on Add Device.
  • Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS.
  • Dynamic IP address enabled computer.
  • 11 b/g/n wireless router connection.

Install Printer Software to Connect:

  • Now you can download your printer software from 123.hp.com/envy4520.
  • Run the downloaded software on your computer.
  • Install the setup to proceed further.
  • Select the network type from your software.
  • Receive your wireless settings by selecting “Yes” send my wireless settings.
  • Your installation gets completed after performing all the steps.

123 HP Envy 4520 Printer Troubleshooting Techniques:

To find Driver issues manually:

Right, click Start à Device Manager. You will be able to find a yellow exclamatory mark near the device this indicated that windows have observed some issue with the device. Now right click on the device and click on Update Driver software.

Recognizing the issue:

You can easily identify the issue just by logging into your 123 HP website and click on Identify issue.  Follow the on- screen instructions to perform actions to install your printer software for any of your following operating system Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Check using the Professional tool:

 To check about your printer issue you can also use the professional tool. At the same time, your issue gets resolved and help you to get started again with your printing options. The Printer setup is now synced to your HP store once you login into your HP account you get started with the fixing tool.

Printing Documents:

How to print documents with 123 HP Envy 4520 Printers:

To Print your documents using 123 HP Envy 4520 printers, you need to know some of the basic operations of your printer. Before you could print documents make sure that you fix your printer correctly.

 Once the printer is ready to print jobs, place your printer feeder to it. Now insert suggested amount of paper to the feeder. Push the paper until it stops. Now fix the glide to the edges of your paper. Later, you can place a document that you want to print.

Print document:

  • You can make use of your printer software to print documents.
  • Select your printer on the printer software.
  • Open the properties dialog box.
  • Select the appropriate options.
  • Click OK to close the properties dialog box.
  • Finally, hit the OK button to begin printing.

123 HP Envy 4520 ePrint Service:

HP’s ePrint service allows you to print documents on your ePrint enabled printer. You can perform printing anytime and from anywhere. The business of printing can be performed using your printer through enabling your printer’s email service. Make sure that you're connected to the active network connection. The Printer allows you to connect your printer setup to your network just by a flick. Connect and get started with your ePrinting.

Once you connect your printer to an ePrint service all you can do perform the following options. The best part is that you can print your document from anywhere.

Printing using ePrint service:

  • Enable your printer’s web service.
  • On your personal device, open your email application.
  • Compose a new mail and select your printer’s address.
  • Now share your document to your printer.
  • The printer receives the mail and starts to print the job.
  • Download the software from 123.hp.com/envy4520.
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